Home was great spot for couples to say. On this trip it was just me and my dog. There is not a lot of parking in the apartment area as the available parking is shared with multiple buildings. Owner was able to help me find parking for my truck in a parking gargage which was about 5-10min walk away, which was not too bad. The walk into the center city was easy, so if breaks are needed, its not to far to get back. There is a lot of stairs to climb to get to the apt so travel light if you can.
Date:   30.05.2020   |   Država: Croatia

Lovely apartment close to everything. Children and families all around neighborhood, so felt safe. A little hard to find and entrance on back was dark so bring a flashlight. Davor was excellent in communication.
Date:   21.05.2020   |   Država: United Kingdom

The apartment is nice and extremely clean. It was a ten minute walk to city centre so very easy to see everything. There was parking for a fee, and a few spots for free. Our only suggestion is that a replacement mattress is needed.
Date:   16.11.2019   |   Država: United States

Date:   16.11.2019   |   Država: Croatia

Date:   16.11.2019   |   Država: Croatia

Date:   16.11.2019   |   Država: Croatia
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MyRent | channel manager & property management system


MyRent is channel manager and property manager system that has emerged as a need for a better and easier renting. It has been developed based on work experience in the tourist sector and tailored for the owners of apartments, rooms and smaller hotels.

The goal of the system is to simplify the entire renting process and to automate everything, from synchronization of calendars to conversation with a the guests. MyRent is offering single platform for renting business and provide accurate and necessary information in real time.

MyRent’ vision is to become a recognizable and quality solution from the user, and to continue to optimize the lease processes, providing the best ratio-invested customers.