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Hotel Park Hvar

Published by   Hotel Park
Published:   2020-08-25  |   Updated:   2020-08-31

The former baroque palace of a rich Hvar family built in the 16th century is today known as Hotel Park Hvar. Today it is a renovated and luxurious heritage hotel that has many satisfied guests. The hotel is located in the island of Hvar, the sunniest Croatian island throughout the year.


From the construction of the palace until today, many owners have changed. When the palace was built in the 16th century, it had two large floors, and a magnificent garden and courtyard. Over time, until today, the palace has been remodeled and upgraded.


After the First World War, the palace was bought by the Zagreb entrepreneur Milan Čanak, who turned the palace into a family hotel called "Park Hotel". After World War II, the hotel closed during the 1960s. Boris Vukasović bought the hotel in 1999, and after major works and renovations, the hotel reopened to the public in 2006. Today, Hotel Park Hvar is one of the most beautiful and best hotels in Hvar located in the center of Hvar.


Hotel Park Hvar has luxury rooms equipped with modern technology and beautiful views of the hotel surroundings. In addition to rooms, Hotel Park Hvar offers guests the highest quality food, various occasions and entertainment with live music.


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